Are you passionate about protecting the environment and creating positive change in your community? Are you between the ages of 18 and 30, eager to learn and ready to take action? Would you like to learn new skills related to Audio-Video production?

We invite you to participate in our new sustainability project! Through a series of engaging training courses, we aim to empower young leaders like you to become advocates for environmental initiatives in your local communities and multiply the knowledge with your peers.

We are looking for three young participants (18-30 years old) to participate in our first Transnational exchange on Sustainable Development which will be held in Sremski Karlovci between July 28th and August 7th


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Transnational exchange Overview

The transnational exchange is a comprehensive journey designed to foster team building and develop key competencies through the medium of video production. Participants will begin by getting to know each other and engaging in team-building activities, followed by an introduction to the eight key competencies and Youthpass. The program emphasizes the importance of video as a dominant medium, incorporating daily reflections to reinforce learning. Participants will get familiarized with Adobe Premiere, including its interface and various applications in video production. Practical assignments such as fieldwork to capture videos and the import, organization, and basic editing of video content will be conducted. The curriculum includes theoretical input and exercises on advanced editing techniques like transitions, trimming, overwrite, replace edits, and multi-cam editing, culminating in practical video assignments. The program also covers titles, motion graphics, compositing, color correction, sound settings, video effects, exporting, and codecs. A study visit to an audio-video production company will provide industry insights, complemented by free time in the city. An introduction to Adobe After Effects will enable participants to create animated text and videos for social networks. Finally, participants will prepare their Youthpass certificates, test their gained knowledge, and undergo a final evaluation to ensure a holistic and enriching experience.

How to Get Involved

If you’re ready to participate in the transnational exchange, simply complete our registration. Be sure to convince us about your interests, experiences, and why you’re motivated to join our project. To ensure the transparency of the process, the selection team will be formed of the project team members and young volunteers, who follow a previously devised set of criteria and invite the most successful applicants for the second round of interviews. Upon this stage, the selection team will decide and inform the three most successful candidates while reserving a waiting list. So, keep track of your inboxes!

Important information 

Participants are expected to participate fully in the transnational exchange and other programme-related activities, such as another national transnational exchange on project proposal writing. You will also be tasked with delivering a series of multiplication activities in their local communities, during which they will include other members of their community (neighbours young or old, friends, relatives.) as well as other interested parties. For these activities, each participant, having taken on the role of a “multiplier,” will receive a small but sufficient grant based on the proposal they submit to help with their activity’s logistical and administrative costs.

Moreover, each transnational exchange’s programme will be held in English. You are not required to provide proof of language proficiency or be an advanced English speaker, but basic communication skills are a must.

Important Dates

  • Application Deadline:  10. 7. 2024
  • Selection Results: 12. 7. 2024
  • Transnational exchange: 28 July – 7 August 2024