In Ankara, February 9 2024


We are thrilled to announce the launch of our new sustainability project following a successful kick-off meeting held in Ankara, Turkey, on the 9th of February 2024. This initiative aims to address pressing environmental challenges and foster a culture of sustainable development within our communities, led by young people willing to challenge their and the lifestyles of their peers.


Project Overview

Our project is dedicated to raising awareness about environmental protection and promoting green development practices. With a focus on issues such as pollution, climate change, recycling, and sustainable agriculture, we aim to inspire positive change in the way we live and interact with our environment. RES POLIS will coordinate the consortium of partners, which includes: Borakia Rural j.d.o.o. (Croatia), Association For Sustainable Development SFERA (North Macedonia), Surdurulebilir Kalkinma Dernegi (Turkiye), Verein Fur Aktiv Leben Und Bildung (Austria) and Asociacija „Aktyvus jaunimas“ (Lithuania). 


Together, we aim to inspire and empower young leaders to advocate for change within their societies. To achieve this, we will combine multicultural physical interactions, transnational virtual engagements, non-formal and digital learning methods, and digital and hands-on activities. Our project will specifically target young people aged 17 to 25 who face geographical, social, or cultural barriers. Through four transnational mobilities focusing on a) sustainable development, b) recycling, c) audio-video production and storytelling, and d) digital marketing, we will raise awareness and provide education to participants, fostering a generation of environmentally conscious leaders.

Our Key Objectives:


  • Educate and empower up to 72 young people to become leaders and advocates for environmental initiatives in their local communities.
  • Conduct 18 local multiplication activities across six countries, engaging an additional 200 beneficiaries in sustainable practices.

Meeting Conclusions


In a bid to address the pressing global issue of environmental degradation, a kick-off meeting was held for a new project centered on sustainability and green development. The meeting, which convened key stakeholders and partners, discussed crucial aspects of financial planning, logistical arrangements, and the overarching goals of the initiative.


Central to the discussions were financial planning and co-financing strategies. The European Commission supports the project with 80% of the total project value. Thus, partners emphasized the importance of tracking expenses diligently and exploring various avenues for co-financing. With a clear focus on project feasibility, preparation activities, and dissemination reporting processes, participants underscored the need for a structured approach and transparent communication among partners. 


The meeting delved into the logistics of planning training courses, considering potential dates, cost implications, and risk management. Discussions also revolved around finalizing dates and locations for training sessions, considering visa requirements, participant availability, and travel logistics. Attention was paid to the selection process for participants, ensuring the commitment of individuals and preventing Erasmus+ and NGO tourism.


Next Steps:

As we proceed with the project implementation, we are committed to fostering collaboration and innovation to achieve our shared goals. Over the coming months, we will organize training courses, national and transnational team events, and bi-weekly online meetings to drive progress and maximize impact.


Get Involved:

We invite individuals, organizations, and communities passionate about sustainability to join us in our sustainable practice. Whether you are a young leader looking to make a difference or an organization interested in collaboration, your involvement is crucial to the success of this project.


Stay Connected:

To stay updated on project developments and opportunities for involvement, please visit our website and follow us on social media.