Date: 26th January 2024


Riga, Latvia – In a culmination of the Sharing Design Your Job project, Riga played host to a pivotal conference titled „ICT and AI Skills – The Most In-Demand Skills for Future Employment.“ Organized by Res Polis and Latvian partners Biedriba Eurofortis, the event drew stakeholders from across Europe to discuss the intersection of education, technology, and employment prospects for youth.


The conference commenced with an opening session led by Ms. Adela Vitkovska from Biedriba Eurofortis. Among the speakers was also Ms. Snežana Klašnja, Minister Adviser from the Ministry of Tourism and Youth, Republic of Serbia, who shared insights into the importance of fostering ICT and AI skills among the youth demographic and Ms. Illiana Ivanoval, European Commissioner, whose participation was highly anticipated for its potential policy implications.


A highlight of the event was the presentation by Mr. Mihajlo Matković, a UN Youth Delegate and Project Assistant, who introduced the concept of the „Design Your Job“ initiative and shared its impactful results.


The focus then shifted to a deep dive into AI skills and the AI-driven future, with notable speakers such as Mr. Marko Nagl from RES POLIS & Faculty of Science, Mr. Stefano Rossi from K-Digitale Srl (Italy), and Mr. Juris Vitkovskis from Bank Austria, providing valuable insights and expertise.

One of the most engaging sessions was the interactive panel discussion, which tackled pertinent questions surrounding the adequacy of current formal education in equipping students with practical IT skills. Representatives from various sectors, including Datorium, the RVT student parliament, and industry experts like Ms. Aurora Giovane, shared perspectives and best practices, shedding light on the challenges and opportunities in bridging the gap between education and industry needs.


The conference also featured workshops and round table discussions aimed at practical skill-building and fostering dialogue between stakeholders. In Workshop 1, participants delved into the role of social media marketing in educational institutions and the public sector. Simultaneously, the Round Table session provided a platform for past participants of the „Design Your Job“ project to share their experiences with insights from representatives from the education, business, and decision-maker sectors.


Reflecting on the event, Mara Jakobsone, Coordinator of the National Digital Skills Coalition in Latvia, emphasized the importance of collaborative efforts in preparing youth for the rapidly evolving job market.